Google Web Stories are a series of quick tappable images or videos that a user can flip through. You can share your Google Web Stories without restriction to a single ecosystem. Their benefits can help take your brand to the next level. It helps in increasing website traffic and enhancing brand recall.

Using Google Web Stories for your brand can offer many benefits. As a brand, you have complete ownership of the content and creativity. There are no restrictions posed by third parties. Stories on the web have a longer shelf life than stories on social media. They also help you reach a wider audience on the web.

AMP technology is behind creating these stories. This makes them load faster on mobile enhancing the user experience. You can even generate revenue from stories and every penny earned is 100% yours. Easy indexing and ranking on Google search add yet another advantage. You can also track the performance of your stories with Google Analytics.

MakeStories helps creators use its simple features to build immersive content. It also makes it easy to publish on the publisher’s website or social media platforms.


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