How to Earn Real Money Online

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It seems you are looking for some wizard who will give you some fantastic ideas to make money online. Nope, no one is here to think for your betterment till it’s you, It’s bitter truth. I’m too writing here to earn real money online for myself but yeah! it’s cool to tell others that how me and my team are earning real money online through this website and other online sources as well.

So let’s get started without making any delay.

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There are more than 100 of tools to earn money online but few of them are legitimate. Here we will discuss those few of them only. If you want to take a look on our previous article in which we have described 6 Tips to make Money Online, you can navigate from here. See the ideas will be not just an idea but these are the experiences we have made through online money making process. Some of those will also look like plain rhetoric but those would be our calculation based facts.

Top Tools to Earn Real Money Online

1. Earn Online through YouTube

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Making money through YouTube is the simplest way one could do. It’s quite simple as easy. But there are few guidelines you’ll have to follow to maintain the flow regularly. You just have to show the real thing which user need to see. You will have to get some ideas through internet about the topics which are most looked for, on the internet.

Some guidelines we’ve noted below to Earn Real Money Online through YouTube:-
  • Grab your Iphone/Smartphone and go to Soovle. Now search the keywords you wanted to make video over, here you will get best results what users looked for on YouTube and other platforms. Select the best keyword and now it’s the turn to make a good video over that. Look! here we’re opening an idea map Infront of you for what you’re looking to Earn real money online.
  • Yet if it is difficult for you to find out some good topics, you can easily start your Vlog channel. Here you will get lots of ideas to make videos and you will also get high watch time here. Please be free to search on YouTube, how to make a vlog channel?

There are so many talented guys who are continuously putting there views online on YouTube and making money through it. You can be one of them too. You just need to take a leap into. If you need some of my help how I started my Own YouTube channel to make my source of Online Earning, you can simply leave here a comment and I will write to you.

2. Earn Online Through Website

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This way of the earning online is the superb way any body could try. Most profitable and most stable way to make online money. Here you have two best methods to earn from your website.

  • The first one is the Google Ads: Like what you are reading on my page is the article written by me and my team mates. The Google Ads are also displaying there to make an income stream. Here you have to write a unique article, without copying others. See, sometime people start a blog page and start copying from older articles available already on Google. But this method of publishing articles is not legitimate. Google crawler can identify the plagiarized content and it will blacklist your website. The effect will be as bad as the website will not be shown up into 1st or 2nd result page in Google.
  • So start with some fresh content, though you can get some ideas from older articles but the content must be yours. Before starting a blog page, you need to decide the niche you want to write on. The best niche for a blog page is Finance, Gaming, Technology, Health etc., for the best CPC and RPM. If you are new to AdSense, you can take a look into YouTube for more details about it.
  • The Second method is Affiliate Marketing: It is the game changer idea into your pocket. Neither your products nor your selling platform. You just have to affiliate people about what you are selling. There are so many websites which offers referrals. The Amazon is one of them where you can get extra income by affiliating the products on your website of Application. If you want to learn more about Affiliate marketing yo can simply check on YouTube.
  • If you go through our article 10 weapons an entrepreneur must have you will get to know about affiliate marketing. We have attached some personal finance books with the article, if you purchase those books from our link building in return we will get some commission as referral, you won’t be affected anyhow. So that’s a very good idea to make at least $1000 each month. But always keep in mind that Good things take time.

3. Get Freelancing Work and Earn Online

Freelancing career is the best chose option any artist, designer, developer etc.,. As it gives them freedom to work, freedom to choose their clients, and freedom to get on demand payments. There are lots of websites and apps which are now a days providing the freelancing projects such as, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Chegg, 99 Designs, Guru, Truelancer, Youth4Work, Outsourcely, Working Nomads, etc.

Are you wanderlust? Then, these sites among the top 20 freelancing sites should definitely excite you. These websites has been designed specifically for those people who want to work remotely. By curating their job list of the most interesting remote jobs offered in any professional area.

Various kinds of remote jobs are available such as- cybersecurity researcher, e-commerce account manager, graphic designer, content manager, business analyst, and many more. These platforms are more cost-effective per job posted. These offers discounts on multiple posts. I will also be telling you about the 17 best digital nomad jobs which you could take as an option-

  • Copywriting
  • Virtual assistant – The best job for beginners
  • Taking Online surveys
  • Social media Manager
  • E-commerce Business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Translations
  • Tour guide
  • Data Entry Jobs – ideal for beginners
  • Programming
  • Graphic designing
  • Teaching languages

So, even if you are sitting in any remote hill station and you are looking for a job then you should definitely visit this website

Though I will explain you about the freelancing but let me know you that I had never ever tried freelancing through any of the website I’ve mentioned to get any project. I never was in need of that. Let me know you why? Because I was getting loads of referrals that I didn’t have time left to look for further projects and till the day never used any of these.

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