Top 10 Full-Time Ethical Hacking Courses in 2023 Available in India

Ethical hacking has gained intense significance in India. These are the top ethical hacking courses that are provided by some of the best ethical hacking colleges in the country.

Ethical hacking is gaining traction in India as one of the most lucrative career options

The rising number of cybercrimes in India is adversely affecting the national security of the country, hence several government organizations are collaborating with reputable organizations and are hiring ethical hackers to back up valuable information.

Global businesses are also deploying ethical hacking so that the experts can intercept vulnerabilities and ensure that the companies’ security systems are strong enough to hold off hacks and scams. Hacking, in general, is definitely, but the rising number of digital scams and thefts has given rise to ethical hacking, which has now become an important part of businesses worldwide.

Well, since the prominence of ethical hacking has grown dramatically, companies are hiring talented and skilled ethical hackers who can efficiently identify loopholes in a system and protect significant corporations from phishers, hackers, and cyber threats.

Now, with India’s growing ethical hacking ecosystem, tech aspirants are looking for prominent ethical hacking courses that will guide them in learning accurate techniques to predict vulnerabilities. Here are some of the top ethical hacking courses that are currently available in India.  

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security and System Administration

Offered by: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology The course is basically a six months program aimed at shaping up aspirants to handle and maintain Skilled System Administrators and the other systems and networks in this vulnerable modern scenario. It is a skill-oriented course that aims to provide candidates with the information required for the maintenance and administration of computer networks and equips them with the skills needed to protect and recover hacked computer systems and networks.  

M.Tech Information Security and Cyber Forensics (CSE)

Offered by: Lovely Professional University The goal of this program is to extend an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge, and skill inculcation in the disciplines of Information Security, Cyber Forensics, and Cyber Compliance laws to make the students competent in the identification, handling, and mitigation of information security incidents.  

M.Tech Computer Science and Information Security

Offered by: Manipal Institute of Technology M.Tech. in Computer Science and Information Security (CSIS) is aimed at producing the much-needed highly skilled computer science security professionals who can safeguard information, systems, networks, communications, and storage from ever-evolving security threats. The prime objective of the program is to create professionals trained in both computer science and information security.  

M.Tech in Information Security and Computer Forensics

Offered by: SRM University This course is offered by SRM’s Department of Networking and Communications under the School of Computing. The Department ensures to provide quality and value-laden education for students in the traditional and contemporary areas of cloud computing, computer networks, cybersecurity, information technology, and the Internet of Things.  

M.Tech in Information Security

Offered by: Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida The course offers candidates a broad viewpoint along, with training in information security. They are instilled with the necessary understanding and knowledge related to the vast field of information security. This course is a 2-year full-time postgraduate program that has four semesters. The course is carefully designed to attain technical knowledge that enables the students to grow into competent information security professionals.  

B.Tech in Cybersecurity

Offered by: NIIT University NU has been offering the cybersecurity course as a specialization area in its undergraduate program since 2014. NU also offers industry-sponsored M.Tech Cybersecurity programs. NU’s BTech Cyber Security course aims to bridge the skill gap between manpower needs and the available talent pool. The course is designed to create skillful industry-ready cybersecurity practitioners.  

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity)

Offered by: Manav Rachna University The Department of CSE at MRIIRS in collaboration with IBM is jointly offering the specialization course of B.Tech – Computer Science and Engineering (Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity). This course provides training in core aspects like cybersecurity, digital forensics, data security, application security, ethical hacking, penetration testing, mobile security, and others.  

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence

Offered by: Manav Rachna University The curriculum is created with the intent to educate engineering students about cutting-edge technologies, besides learning about HTML5, Angular4, test automation, estimation techniques, agile practices, and cloud computing. The course is designed in a way that will focus on providing intense hands-on learning experiences and practical usage of the technologies that are directed towards intercepting threats and vulnerabilities in networks and systems.  

M.Tech in Network and Information Security

Offered by: Pondicherry University The M.Tech (Network and Information Security) program is intended to offer specialization in advanced networks and cybersecurity. The phenomenal growth in computer networks has brought about many new advanced networks on the internet like cellular networks, sensor networks, Adhoc networks, vehicular ad-hoc networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, IoT networks, and such others. These advanced networks bring in their own computational and cybersecurity challenges, which the students are being trained to solve.  

MSc in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics

Offered by: Centurion University The Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics degree program offers a balance of practice and theory through study in computer science, law, and criminal justice. The program produces professionals qualified as digital forensic scientists who can apply and sustain their expertise as new technological and societal challenges emerge, who understand the scientific, legal and criminal justice context of high technology crime, and who can effectively communicate their knowledge to others.  

Top 10 Full-Time Ethical Hacking Courses in 2023 Available in India
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Top 10 Full-Time Ethical Hacking Courses in 2023 Available in India
Ethical hacking has gained intense significance in India. These are the top ethical hacking courses that are provided by some of the best ethical hacking colleges in the country.

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