Top 10 White Hat Hacking Courses to Take Up for 6-Figure Salary

Tech aspirants are looking for the best white hat hacking courses. Here is the list of top 10 white hat hacking courses to take up for a 6-figure salary.

These top 10 white hat hacking courses will guide you in predicting vulnerabilities accurately

The rising number of cybercrimes is adversely affecting the security level, hence several organizations are hiring white hat hackers also known as ethical hackers to back up valuable information.

Global businesses are also deploying white hat hacking so that the experts can intercept vulnerabilities and ensure that the companies’ security systems are strong enough to hold off hacks and scams. The prominence of white hat hacking has grown dramatically and companies are hiring talented and skilled ethical hackers who can efficiently identify loopholes in a system and protect significant corporations from phishers, hackers, and cyber threats.

Now, with the growing ethical hacking ecosystem, tech aspirants are looking for prominent white hat hacking courses that will guide them in learning accurate techniques to predict vulnerabilities. Here are some of the top 10 white hat hacking courses to take up for a 6-figure salary.

Ethical Hacking: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

If you’re interested in becoming an ethical hacker or getting started securing your own network, this introduction is for you. Security expert Lisa Bock explores today’s threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks. Lisa identifies a variety of ways to secure an organization, explores policies that help enforce security objectives, and more. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Scanning Networks

This course investigates the scanning tools and techniques used to obtain information from a target system, including ping sweeps, UDP scans, and TCP flags. Instructor Lisa Bock discusses scanning techniques and their objectives then go over vulnerability scanning and how to predict possible attack paths. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

In this course, Lisa Bock introduces the concepts, tools, and techniques behind footprinting: finding related websites, determining OS and location information, identifying users through social media and financial services, tracking email, and more. Footprinting relies on tools as simple as a web search and dumpster diving, and as complex as DNS interrogation and traceroute analysis. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Enumeration

In this course, instructor Malcolm Shore teaches the basic methods of enumerating networks and targeting systems with common enumeration tools. Malcolm explains what enumeration is and gives you opportunities in the course for hands-on experience. He covers enumeration for local and remote hosts. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Analysis

In this course, security expert Lisa Bock takes a deep dive into the topic of vulnerability scanning, covering what you need to know to find and address weaknesses that attackers might exploit. Lisa goes over the basics of managing organizational risk, discusses vulnerability analysis methodologies, and shows how to work with vulnerability assessment tools, including Nikto and OpenVAS. Plus, she shares tools and strategies for defending the LAN. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: System Hacking

This course explains the main methods of system hacking—password cracking, privilege escalation, spyware installation, and keylogging—and the countermeasures IT security professionals can take to fight these attacks. Security expert Lisa Bock also covers steganography, spyware on a cell phone, and tactics for hiding files and tools. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: The Complete Malware Analysis Process

This course introduces the different types of malware (malicious software) that can be used to exploit a target computer. It covers viruses and worms—malware that can propagate itself onto other computers through removable media or networks—as well as Trojans and backdoors. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Sniffers

Security ambassador Lisa Bock explains what a sniffer is, and how hackers use it to intercept network traffic. She reviews the seven-layer OSI model, active vs. passive attacks, and the different types of protocol attacks, including MAC and macof attacks, DNS caching and forgery, DHCP denial-of-service attacks, and ARP cache poisoning. Click here to enroll  

Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering

In this course, cybersecurity expert Lisa Bock discusses the methods a hacker might use, including embedding malicious links and attachments in emails and using mobile devices and social media to deploy an attack. Click here to enroll

Ethical Hacking: Denial of Service

In this course, learn about the history of the major DoS attacks and the types of techniques hackers use to cripple wired and wireless networks, applications, and services on the infrastructure. Instructor Malcolm Shore covers the basic methods hackers use to flood networks and damage services, the rising threat of ransomware like Cryptolocker, mitigation techniques for detecting and defeating DoS attacks, and more. Click here to enroll

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Top 10 White Hat Hacking Courses to Take Up for 6-Figure Salary
Article Name
Top 10 White Hat Hacking Courses to Take Up for 6-Figure Salary
Tech aspirants are looking for the best white hat hacking courses. Here is the list of top 10 white hat hacking courses to take up for a 6-figure salary.

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