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Famous Brand Logos From The Most Valuable Companies of 2021

It’s always an honest time to start out thinking seriously about that company you’ve wanted to line up. Play your cards right and you’ll end up setting the wheels in motion to show a thought into a money-making success.

And what better thanks to aiming for the moon than by taking a hand glass to the stars? the large brands have made it all the thanks to the highest permanently reason.

One of the foremost crucial elements of any brand, whether new or already making millions, is its logo design.

So if you’re within the marketplace for a custom-designed logo for your fledgling company, taking a glance at the large movers and shakers of the planet can really help clarify what you would like to realize in branding. to assist thereupon, we’ve rounded up the most precious brands of the planet consistent with Forbes.

We will offer you insight into how these brands managed to form their design concept work so you’ll do an equivalent for your own brand identity. Before we head onto the list, take a glance at the interesting trends we noticed in big brand logos:

At the most basic level, we can already tell successful companies tend to opt for versatile but simple designs. Brands that do this tend to think about how their logo will look when put in different applications and assets.

We found that the majority of logos sampled are combination marks, meaning they have both a text and graphic design component. This type of design is particularly useful for creating both strong brand awareness and name recognition as well as giving it a strong visual presence with purpose-built images.

Companies wish to keep it simple with their colors, with 76% of styles employing a selection of just one or two colors in their logo which is taken into account as a logo design best practice. Designs that believe shape and texture instead of many colors to bring their brand across usually work better when scaled up or down on devices and in contexts where only black and white distribution is feasible, like on some packaging.

As for the most-used colors, blue took center stage with 35% of logos predominantly during this hue. subsequent hottest logo colors are red and black within the following spots.

On the opposite hand, the smallest amount used colors are violet and pink.

You’ll notice that top brands have the habit of picking bold and crowd-pleasing colors related to good characteristics. Choosing a color scheme appropriate for your business is a crucial aspect of branding, as color psychology can play an enormous role in how your company is perceived and to whom it’s going to appeal.

Check out how the highest companies played around with design elements to make the foremost iconic insignias today.


Apple’s iconic logo has an interesting story. The road they took to create the perfect minimalist logo was completed with the help of Rob Janoff. The designer gave the old Newton logo a modern spin in his rendition. Numerous theories surround this fruit logo that bit its own mark in history.


A timely flat design and a custom-made font that exudes the right amount of playfulness, those are the two main ingredients of Google’s logo. 

The 2015 logo refresh maintained a good contrast in its color scheme which plays well with the Chrome browser’s default backdrop. From 1996, the Google logo history has always been consistent with the color sequence of blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red.


What can you create with four square figures and colors? This technology company has created a powerful design with it. 

Looking at its logo history, Microsoft has always emphasized the importance of smart typography, You will notice that their logos are always era-appropriate and great at representing the various aspects of their diverse products. 


Is it a smile or is it an arrow? The hidden meaning in Amazon’s logo has always been a subject of debate. Adding subtle details to your logos can easily make it intriguing. By adding that orange curved arrow the brand has communicated that they offer products ranging from A to Z with a friendly face.

The eCommerce company’s use of lower case characters also contributes to the modern laidback look.


The leading social media platform has one of the most recognizable initial logos. Facebook used to carry a wordmark logo or a symbol containing a brand’s full name. Later on, the brand decided to go with a lettermark in its current design.  

Using initial logos is a common move for well-established brands in an industry. This Zuckerberg-owned platform has a blue logo which is a popular choice for social media brands.


This world-famous beverage is represented by one of the most iconic pieces of typography. Coca-Cola’s logo is inspired by the Spencerian script that gives the design a vintage yet timeless look. 

We talked about the interesting history of the Coca Cola logo history in-depth. Read it to learn how the beverage brand transformed its logo with great precision over the years.


Roughly translated to “three stars” this Korean brand aims to be as bright as the celestial bodies. The brand’s oval design creates a stark contrast using blue and white colors which are the common colors seen in the sky. This color scheme fits the company’s tech products. 

The text-only design makes it highly recognizable. Plus, Samsung’s logo looks good on virtually any channel because it doesn’t have complicated details that may cause unflattering effects on the design. 

Walt Disney

When you see the Disney logo, you think of immersive storylines and childhood bliss almost immediately. This entertainment industry powerhouse depicts the iconic castle from Cinderella in its logo design. 

The graphic elements complement each other and create a magical face for the company.


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